Destination Management Big data Destination Marketing


  • Destination Management

    Stakeholders and decision-making processes Management. DMO development. Generation of strategic and participated plans. Creation of an integrated tourist offer.

  • Destination Marketing

    Management of all contact phases with tourists, from inspiration to sharing, through booking, planning and involvement.

  • Big Data System & Analisys

    Creation of data collection and processing systems. Intensive- knowledge services. Living lab, open innovation and co-creation. Sustainability.


  • Leadership and Coordination

    Creation and management of local organizations to bring economic and social benefits through tourism.

  • Partnership and Team Building

    Creation and management of collaboration relationship with individuals and other partners both internal and external. Creation and management of work teams within the DMO.

  • Research and Planning

    Organization of the research agenda, specific research and analysis

  • Stakeholder Involvement

    Operators and residents involvement in the creation of the tourism product. Monitoring and improvement of local community attitudes towards tourism.

  • Product Development

    Support in the attraction management and planning of infrastructures and services. Creation of offers, events and activities. Quality enhancement and training programs.

  • Visitors Management

    Management of flows, behaviors and impacts between guests and destination to protect resources and increase safety, experience and satisfaction.

  • Marketing and Promotion

    Marketing plan creation and implementation of communication activities on online and offline channels for selected segments.

  • DMO Administration

    Business organization and human resource management activities. Accounting and financial administration activities. Fundraising and announcements planning.

  • 4 Important steps we will do together

    • Governance System creation

    • Strategic Planning

    • Offer Management

    • Promo - Marketing and Promotional plan

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